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Avoid payroll paralysis

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If you handle your own payroll, you may be familiar with that feeling of dread each time a new payroll cycle rolls around. Pile on the added stress of payroll tax filings and keeping up with changing regulations, and you can find yourself experiencing payroll paralysis.

As a business owner, you have enough to do. Processing payroll can suck up a lot of your time and keep you locked away in the back office away from your staff and customers. If you’ve experienced that feeling of being stuck…the dreaded onset of payroll paralysis…here are three tips to get you moving and back to what you really love—your customers, your staff and growing your enterprise!

  1. Identify the best payroll solution for your business—Having the right application and professional support can mean all the difference if you choose to handle payroll in-house. Several payroll vendors offer phone and/or email support—some on a 24/7 basis. Things to consider as you research payroll vendors:

    • Level of support offered

    • Availability of flexible plans and features that support business growth

    • Customized pricing to meet your unique needs

  2. Have your payroll workflow analyzed by an accounting professional—A review of your current payroll solution and process can help you uncover areas in need of improvement. Feedback received can also help streamline and automate your payroll workflow and weed out time-draining bottlenecks.

  3. Outsource your payroll to a trusted partner—Many accounting firms offer business clients full-service payroll support. This enables you to hand over payroll to a seasoned specialist and work within an on-demand platform to exchange data. The firm handles all of your payroll processing and tax filing needs—taking the pain of payroll off your already overflowing business-owner plate.

Whatever the path you take with payroll, be sure to consider all your options and do your homework. The goal is to avoid payroll paralysis so you can focus on your true passion—serving your customers, mentoring staff and growing your business.

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